Food Porn: Omakase at Ichiyanagi, Tokyo

I love sushi. Some might say that it’s in my blood since my parents met at a sushi bar and I literally would not exist if it weren’t for sushi. I made a short visit into Tokyo in February and had a chance to check out a great sushi restaurant called Ichiyanagi. You’ll definitely want to make a reservation if you want to eat sushi here, and I highly recommend it! Here’s a photo of each piece of sushi that was eaten in my Omakase.

Where possible, I have included both the Japanese name and the English name of the fish.

Hirame – Flounder

Buri – Yellowtail

Tai – Seabream

Kue – Grouper

Toro – Bluefin Tuna

Chu Toro

O Toro


Gizzard Shad

Aji – Horse Mackerel

Sayori – Needle Fish

Kuruma Ebi – Prawn

Bufun Uni – Sea Urchin

Mirugai – Giant Clam

Tairagai – Hokaido Scallop

Anago – Eel

Murasaki Uni – Sea Urchin

Tamago – Egg

My meal at Ichiyanagi definitely ranks in my top five sushi meals ever!

Do you have a favorite sushi restaurant? 


  1. Looks amazingly awesome! How much did a meal like that cost? I live in Colorado and most the time it’s hard to get sushi that looks as fresh as whats shown in your pics.

    1. It was so good! I want to say it was $200-$250 at the exchange rate at the time, but can’t remember for sure. Definitely not cheap! Where in CO do you live? That’s where I’m based in the US too!

  2. Well I’d venture to say that sushi restaurant not only made your top 5 best ever but top 5 most expensive as well! For the last 10 years I’ve lived here in Parker but grew up in Manhattan Beach Ca. Are you anywhere near my neck of the woods? I had no idea you were home based somewhere nearby…how cool is that?

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